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Empress Lodge Supported Housing
Our Supported Housing service is provided at Empress Lodge in Derby.
What is Supported Housing?
Supported housing is the most recent name given to a type of accommodation that has previously been
known as Board and Lodgings and later, Supported Lodgings. In a nutshell, they are environments that provide low level support in shared houses.
Placements Benefits to care co-ordinator/Care Manager
  • Streamlined referral process – all we require is a copy of an upto- date FACE profile and CPA Care Plan
  • Availability of trained staff on site reduces need for care coordinator input
  • Housing Benefit forms completed in-house by Protea Supported Housing staff
  • Step down/rehab facilities with structured support plans
Placements Benefits to care co-ordinator/Care Manager
  • Help in setting up a tenancy
  • Advice, advocacy and liaison
  • Advice, counseling and support
  • Help in gaining access to other services
  • Help in establishing social contacts and activities
  • Help with budgeting and financial arrangements
  • Supervision and monitoring of mental health and well being including supervision of taking of medication
  • Peer support and befriending
3 Streams of funding:
  • Personal Contribution
  • Housing Benefit
  • Government grant called Supporting People
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